Thursday, June 21, 2012

Here I Am.....

For some reason, I woke up wanting to read the Abraham and Isaac story in Genesis.  
I wrote about it a while back 

For some reason, this place in my Bible has very little writing all around it.  
Now I don't know why that is,... because usually when I study a story in-depth, it usually looks like this......

Anyway, maybe it was good that I'd not written much about Abraham because if I'd cluttered up my margins like I'm prone to do,..I might have missed something.

Three specific times in this story, Abraham says the same exact statement.
"Here I am"
Those were Abraham's words when the Lord calls his name one day out of the blue.
Now I have wondered if Abraham had wished he hadn't been so confident and willing to do "whatever".  Surely he didn't know when he eagerly offered himself that God was going to instruct him 
to offer his son on an alter.

Then later in the story, Isaac, confused, calls his dad's name.
Abraham's response to Isaac?
"Here I am"
How different he probably sounded then.  
I can picture Abraham confused and hurting.
Wishing to possibly comfort and reassure his beloved son, yet full of internal bewilderment.

Then a few verses down, we have the earthly spectacle of an eternal moment.
Abraham's arm is raised to do the unthinkable.  
He has never been so desperate, never felt so anguished,...
Yet,..he obeys.

God calls his name,.....Abraham! 

sobbing?,....."Here I am"

Now I'm no Abraham, I'm more like a conglomeration of all the disciples worst moments put together.
But I still want to be like him,.....

I want to say in any circumstance
Here I am...