Friday, November 23, 2007


Today at lunch I received a phone call telling me that a beloved friend, Anne Coppenger, had finally received a word from her Lord to come on home. She has fiercely battled ovarian cancer for over a couple of years and I know well how she had dreaded this day.
I recall the first time I saw her in my office doorway after her diagnosis in 2004. She told me that she had "many options! And,.. " she said "if I can't beat it, then,...I will go home to be with my mom!"
Anne was one of the famous BASK group. BASK was a title for the meetings of Becky, Anne, Susan, and Kay, four friends who came together (for lunch of course!) a couple of time per month to share our hearts, check our spiritual path, and pray for one another. Anne's health has been the subject of so many of our prayers and tonight, I know that she is completely healed. She is, as I type this, in the presence of the Lord and Savior and also in the embrace of her beloved mother. What an amazing thing!
Anne BASK-ette, you have changed me in wonderful ways. I will treasure the memories of our BASK moments and will always recall that they, and you, were instrumental in my warp speed spiritual growth at the lowest time in my life. I look forward to seeing you again. Until I get there, you know what to do.

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Candace Kay Hardin said...

Numb. I'm numb with Anne's "passing." I'm numb with my love for Anne. Yet I'm alive with my love and care for Anne as well as for her sweet sister, Susan, and her dear, dear father, Dr. Coppenger. I'm alive with joy that Anne has now had all her hopes and dreams come true--she wanted so much to meet the love of her life here on earth. Now she has, and she rests in His arms. She wanted so much to LIVE (which she did well). Now she is living abundantly. . . forever. She wanted so much to love her family and friends. She did that well, and now she continues to love in the presence of Love Himself. She trusted God in her living and dying, knowing she was in the palm of His hand. She has now moved from the palm of God's hand into the arms of God, drinking in all His Love and Fulness.

I love you, Anne. I know God can read this, and I'm betting you can, too.

Praise be to God, Who mercifully came and carried Anne home the morning of November 23. I praise You and thank You.

Becky, thank you for your words about Anne which helped me begin to put into words my numb feelings.