Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A List For January

I'm reading:
"Walking with God" by John Franklin. Actually it's very little reading, but it's a lot about prayer!

I'm humming:
"His eye is on the Sparrow".
I can't decide whether I love the Sister Act version (movie) or the Jody Hurst (friend) version.

I'm confused:
as to where we've put Casey's muck boots. Her favorite boots in the whole wide world and they are only good for yucky days like these snow days. Can't find 'em anywhere.

I'm still enjoying:
snow days with family. At the hint of snow, someone will jump on the tractor (thanks Ralph!) to bush-hog the hill so we can have a smooth place to sled. Altho I had to work, I loved that my family was all together having a great time. At dark, I joined them as we invaded moms house for waffles. Did you know if you add seltzer water to waffles it will make them fluff up in the waffle iron? Someone needs to tell IHOP this cool secret.

I'm excited:
at the idea of winning the giveaway dream home of HGTV. Think I have a chance?

I'm scared:
of men in big dually trucks on the ice and snow.

I love:
my electric blanket.

A quote which made me laugh:
by Herb Miller:
"Never sidestep challenges.
Grab every charging bull by the horns and slap him twice across the face.
Remind him that God is in charge of you."

I love:
too many things to list.

I hate:
Victoria's Secret that is.
I shopped and shopped for a bra with no underwire. Paid a trillion dollars for it and then realized it has a 3 inch piece of steel rebar in the side panel. Ladies,...why oh why would there be metal under our armpits?
I'm doing surgery to cut it out of the bra as soon as I find my glasses.

I'm excited:
that Casey's brother is coming for a visit next week. It's interesting to watch he and her together. They resemble each other so much and have many of the same mannerisms.

I wish:
well,..you know what I wish for.
Do you think there is snow in Heaven?
Is there any kind of weather in Heaven?
Does Jae and daddy see us and wish they were with us as we have our fun days?
(Maybe not,...because they already are.)

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