Friday, January 11, 2013

He Knows All Things

I love Peter. 
I do.
That crusty impetuous fisherman blesses me. 
 Reading all about Peter gives me a road map of how messed up people are still welcome in God's service.

In the last chapter of Matthew, the scene opens with Peter,...back on his fishing boat. 
He had left the boat 3 years earlier to follow Jesus, and probably hadn't gone back to it until,....he denied Jesus during his trial and crucifixion. 
A very public failure for a very strong man.

Now, a few days later, Peter is sitting across the campfire from Jesus.
I imagine he is ashamed.  Maybe unsure of the relationship.

The next few lines have been the subject of many a sermon,..several of which I have struggled to understand.
It is a familiar exchange to most of us.
Jesus asks Peter 2 times, "Peter,.do you love Me?"and both times Peter replies "yes Lord, You know I love You".
But the 3rd time Jesus asked "Peter,...are you even my friend?"

I wonder how long it took Peter to respond. 
and I wonder why I never paid attention to Peter's response to that last line until recently.
"Lord you know all things.  You know I love You" 

Peter knew Jesus could look straight into his heart and see his true intentions, even when his behavior and actions were awful.

There are times when I'm horrified at the thought that God sees directly into my heart.
Then there are other times when I am grateful that He can do so.

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