Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Disciple Jesus Loves

It's me.
I'm the one Jesus loves.

I know, I know! If you read the Gospels, you will assume, as everyone else does, that it is the Apostle John. The one who wrote the gospel, I, II, III John and also Revelation. I am sure that John enjoyed being called "the Disciple that Jesus loved", but I don't think he is the only one who holds the distinction.

John refers to himself as the one whom Jesus loved. I find it interesting that he is the one who gave himself the title. Is he presumptuous? Self-centered? Arrogant? I don't think so.
I bet John was at first surprised, then encouraged and then overwhelmed at being the recipient of such a profound love from such a profound person.

I have friends and family members who brighten my day just by appearing in it. I literally love looking at them and hearing what is going on in their day to day life. I think of them often and whatever these loved ones of mine deal with in their life, instantly becomes important to me as well. I do not like being separated by time or distance from them, and our time spent together almost always leaves me wanting more.

It is a two way street. I have friends and family that are truly glad when they see me. You can just tell things like that, you know. These friends and family enjoy my presence and enter into whatever is important to me. What an intimate, personal encouragement to see their eyes brighten just at my appearance!

John called himself the "Disciple that Jesus Loved" because he was confident that Jesus, the Messiah, enjoyed his company.
The very idea.
I bet he was confused.
Then amazed.
Left him shaking his head in wonder.

That's how God is with me. He loves me,...His pupil, His follower, His disciple.
It's not just me,...It's how He feels about all of His children.

I am incredibly flawed and find it surprising that God designed a plan that includes me as a player. If He had skin on today, he would spend time at my house, and would let me,, he would want me to follow Him everywhere he went.

God's love for me is confusing, amazing and leaves me shaking my head in wonder.

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Nicki Rix said...

Becky, your words are beautiful; like strokes from an artists brush on canvas, each choice of words fits with purpose and depth.

I enjoy reading your stories and I would like you to know that I appreciate your choice of words.

I was just thinking….

We aren’t so different after all. It could be possible that we are similar in the way we convey our inner most private thoughts. Perhaps I choose the angles of my subjects in my photos for the same reason you choose your words to describe your subjects in your stories. Through our perspectives, you in your eloquent ‘choice’ of words and me through my 'odd' angles I think we strive to achieve the same goal...

The objective of a grieving mother is a nurturing objective; to provide, to protect and to prepare all those that cross our paths. Hence, if a person just skims the surface of your stories or my photos, a person might see the subject (like that play on words?) as a whole, but if someone truly thirsts and stops to absorb not just observe, then perhaps that someone’s thirst may be quenched and thus we have provided.

And maybe, just maybe since we can no longer provide for our daughters any longer in the way we are accustom to, maybe providing for others, even strangers, is our new means of providing for our girls.

just thinking,