Sunday, July 27, 2008


In my opinion, one of the most intimate passages in the entire Bible is the story of the last supper.

Matthew, Mark and Luke each devote less than half of a chapter to that one moment in time. John, however, screeches the entire Bible to a halt and takes us through the scene word by word,..moment by moment. His portrayal lasts for an amazing four entire chapters!

In John 13-16, Jesus emotions and deep affection for these men is evident. Jesus slows His World-sized ministry down to a slow crawl because He knows His chosen men, His beloved friends need comfort, reassurance and information.
The situation is urgent.
Tension surrounding Jesus ministry is at an all-time high.
Everyone is on edge.
Even Jesus.
Especially Jesus.

Jesus knows that these 12 men He has lived with for three years are mere hours away from being faced with the fight of their lives.
And He won't physically be with them.

There are one hundred things I love about this section of John, but this afternoon, I am thinking of His command in John 13:17 to "Do".

Like many of you reading this,..I am faced with many opportunities to "Do".
Do this. Do that. Here's a good cause. That's a noble endeavor.
Should I "do" this? or should I "do" that?

I am at a place where I, once again, must re-evaluate my priorities. There is simply no time to waste at "doing" good things, while the ones which matter for eternity go undone.

Just because something is important to us,..does that make it important? (no)
How do we get into places in our lives where we can't "do" anything? (I don't know)
Does loving our family and working in the church count as "Do"ing? (maybe-maybe no)

Here's the new "To-Do" list mapped out 'specially for me by Becky Russell:
1. Evaluate my life for ruts. They cause spiritual slumber and/or disaster.
2. Follow my passions and gifts.
3. Pray,,... Beg for discernment.
4. Read the Bible. For me,..that means study it with my commentary nearby.
5. Anticipate the outrageous. (i.e. Faith baby!)
6. Do.

Jesus was not known as a predictable rule-follower, yet His life was characterized by all of His "do"ing.

I wanna be like that.

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