Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dummy Blogger

I bought a new book this weekend. My plan was to take a picture of it so I could show you .
However, camera is nowhere to be found.

You've probably seen similar ones. My new book is entitled "Blogging for Dummies".
Some of it is way too complicated (hee hee).

It has shown me new ways to do things:
**how to link to other posts of mine (like you just did in the first paragraph!)

**How to strike through words.

**underline? I can now do it by editing my html! (whatever that stands for)

**create bullets lists:

  • I hate cats
  • Cats irritate me
  • I especially don't like house cats.

  • Of course, you already know that I can add a video link:

    However,...the main thing that this book tells me,...THE MAIN THING, they yell say over and over, to write things that people want to read.

    I think that one reason people enjoy blogs is because they connect us to one another. We don't always slow down enough to really communicate, fellowship and enjoy one another.

    Get this,...Abby calls blogging a "myspace for old people".
    I answered by wagging my head, rolling my eyes and saying valleygirl style,...What-everrrr"!


    Shannon said... my blog isn't so much about what people WANT to read! Maybe I should buy that book, too! I'll have to get you to teach me a thing or two!

    Anonymous said...

    The cat thing . . . you're stooping low . . . really low.

    Zach the Cat

    Anonymous said...

    You have the best blog ever!!!! Please don't ever stop blogging. I read your blog everytime you write one, I just love them. You are such a great blogger, you don't need a book to tell you what you already know and do so well, but kudos to you for trying.
    Misty Jo