Friday, November 28, 2008

That's Embarressing

Mercy sakes alive!

Well friends,..for the YouTube video of the highlights from the Nashville conference,......I noticed that there were some ,...ahem,....not-so-nice videos in the sidelines of the YouTube screen. Therefore, I removed the post.

There are obviously other interesting videos with the words "Nashville" in the title, which then creates an entire list of "related"videos.
So sorry.
I will try to be more careful!

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Myra said...

I haven't looked on youtube for videos of the convention. I'll have to do that! Reading your profile, I believe we have almost everything in common--except--we do have a cat.... lol

I haven't had the time or been well enough to really soak in all that I learned. I do believe God sent me to that convention. My heart is still full from the experience.

Besides Picture My Thoughts, I decided a day or so ago to create a new blog where I actually talk to people. (I get lots of comments at Picture My Thoughts, but it's not a back and forth conversation kind of thing. Anyway, my new "thing" is at