Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No More Boring Conferences!


The very word sounds boring.
"I went to a conference" (yawn)

"Let's go to a conference soon" (ZZzzzzzz)
Sometimes we can just know when a conference is going to be waste.
I can often tell by the name of the conference, whether it is something I want to go to.

Maybe the speaker looks dull or maybe even the topic sounds like a snoozer.

There are certain groups/organizations who are intent on keeping their conferences dull. Maybe that's not on their planning agenda,..but it happens anyway. Time after time after time.

The next year, they get the same old planning committee together to talk about why no one attended.

Then they plan another dull one.

Don't go.
Just don't go.

Go instead with the teenagers in your church to their conferences.
They are ALWAYS needing volunteers and "frins,...let me tell ya sompthin",...I promise,..you will not fall asleep at a youth conference!

Below are some photos I took at the recent LiveLove Conference in Memphis. It is hosted by StudentLife. I tried for days to upload the video I recorded but I don't have the "tech-y" gene. It's only given to a few people over 40 and I am not one.

Part of why I love going to these gatherings with the teenagers is that I am reminded that there are still so many young people who are willing to serve the Most High God. I assure you,..that when they are in charge of creating church culture,...their generation of the church will not resemble ours. How exciting!

Sometimes those teens are a real mess. They don't act right all the time. They are spiritually immature and often seem to love the culture more than they love God.

How'about that?
They are just like us adults.

Abby and Dillon.

There were computers in the hallways of Bellvue Baptist Church.

Imagine that.

IHOP at night.

(note the difference between the two adults in the front of the picture and the teens)

A homeless man followed Levi in.

The manager kicked the guy out and then tried to order Levi out as well.

(Poor Levi. He was lookin all homeless, I guess)

The bus ride home got long.

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