Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Same Day, Different Year

I have had many of you call or text me today and I am grateful for the remembrances. I received several cards and letters in my mailbox and that too, is an uplifting thing.

5 years ago today, my oldest daughter was introduced face-to-face to the Lord who loves her more that I do.
She walked (I guess she walked) through the gates of Heaven which instantly became real to me.

Today has been peaceful.
I did some burning. (hee hee)
I watched some of our homes movies so I could see her and hear her voice.
I picked Abby up and we went and spent time at the grave.

I missed her today, but that is no different than any other day.
The difference is that today, I am 5 years closer to seeing her again.

I can hardly wait.

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