Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Ponders

Easter Past:
**The Easter of 1989. Jae and Casey were dressed alike in frilly pink frocks. Bonnets, white gloves and ruffles on their panties.

**Hunting eggs in our living room in 1999. I had the video recorder on Abby as she was in her little nightgown hunting the hidden eggs in our living room. She suddenly stopped, looked directly at me/the camera and asked if I had seen the Easter bunny.
I told her "Yes".
She drawled with the sweetest smile "Wuz he wearin a tie?"

**Hearing Ralph sob in the living room in 2004 as I put out the three Easter baskets of candy. Jae had been gone only days, and I dazedly wondered what the rules were for moments like this.

Easter Present:
**Singing the traditional Easter songs in our service. Feeling sorry for my friends who only attend church on Easter because those are the only songs they ever get to sing.

**Missing all the family members who were not sitting around our family feast table. All are alive somewhere,...some here on Earth, some in Heaven.

**Contemplating the true meaning of the Resurrection. It means so much more to me now and I wonder if I ever could/would have understood these truths had I not been torn asunder by death.

Easter Future:
**Jesus told His disciples (Matt 26) that He would not drink of the fruit of the vine until the day when He took it with all of us in His Father's Kingdom.
I can hardly wait for that supper.
What in the world will that moment be like?

** Wondering if in Heaven, we will be able to "see" into the past so we can witness our salvation with our own eyes. I have a crazy imagination. In my feeble little mind, I wonder if there could be something akin to a "Heavenly movie night":

Playing tonight at the Gold City amphitheater:
David meets and beats Goliath!
David will be present to answer questions
Tomorrow night's showing:
The true story of the Passion of the Christ
Worship service to follow.

**Singing with a Heavenly choir, all in one voice. A song that I've never heard, but will know perfectly.
I'm from a family of singers. A loud and harmonious Heavenly choir plumb excites me.

All Hail King Jesus!
All Hail Immanuel!
King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Bright Morning Star!
And throughout eternity I'll sing your praises
and I'll reign with you throughout eternity.


Beths Blog said...

This is a great post Becky. We just never know what one holiday to the next holds, do we? How was your Easter? I thought of you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, sweetie! My goodness! What memories your blogs hold for me. My Dad, Your Dad, and Milo Hammond all playing guitars and singing....And, just to think, now my daughter, Rebekah Lynch, is a vocal major and is going to teach high school choir. Our families shared in so many areas in our lives. When Jae went to be with Jesus, all I could think of was your family. I cried so many tears that day. I am glad that I am in a position to donate on the anniversary. It's the least I can do. My daughter, April, speaks of Jae every now and then. She has marvelous memories from high school. I pray every day that your grief during March is eased by His astounding love for you.