Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Is Not My Heaven

A literal place which is more real that the city you and I live in.
A source of healing from Jae's death.
However,..when she first was taken there, I was full of dismay.
She simply would not fit in with my idea of what Heaven was like.

Although I did not think so at the time, our culture's attempts to describe Heaven through art, songs and sermons had left an imprint on my imagination that can only be described as "unholy".
Thank you Lord,..that I've been able to get a more biblical perspective through my own research and by reading of great theologians and authors.

I used to feel like a traitor.
Growing up and hearing about it, I secretly did not want to go.
Most of my desire to go to Heaven stemmed from the fact that I had to go somewhere when I died, and hell seemed much worse.
So I sang about Heaven.
I testified that I had a home there.
I dreamed of meeting my loved ones there someday,
but the reality is
I just couldn't muster up any enthusiasm for the place.

The thought of going there was actually pretty terrifying.
It seemed
and there was no escaping no end to it.
In fact,...
it seemed a lot like this video.....

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