Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vacation Ponders

**Been gone for 11 days and thought of my daddy when I walked through my front door tonight about 10:00pm..
Daddy used to come back from ______(wherever) and would unlock the front door, start breathing deeply and loudly proclaim how good it was to smell home.
I did that tonight as I walked through the door.

**Buffalo River is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. My friend Wayne created a special hand-controlled hoopy-car (he has an old spinal cord injury) and we went exploring some backwoods roads in the Ozarks. He began the trip by telling me how to brake the car "just in case". Oh the places we saw! (and I only screamed once!)

**5 adult bodies will crowd-up an RV camper of any size.

** Turned fifty on Tuesday.
Good frazzlin grief!
How can I be 50?
Everyone at the river with me was nice to me.... no black balloons or adult diapers. (That stuff all awaits me upon my return to work this Wednesday, I'm sure.)

**I'm aggravated at myself because I meant to take a picture of the old water slide which was one of my favorite blog posts from last year.
I'll just have to show you the picture next year.

**Went to Texas the last few days of this week.
I'm always amused at the sights down a Texas freeway. For instance,...
Every home's driveway has an arch over it. It doesn't matter if it's South Fork or if it's a trailer. You enter through some type of proud entrance.
The other interesting thing is that 97% of America's horse/boat/truck trailer businesses are between Texarkana and Dallas.
The economy has obviously touched the cattle business:
One ranch was selling cattle, hay bales (alfalfa-round or square bales), trained stock dogs AND of course,.... trailers.
You can tell even the architects think big in Texas. We entered the first town of Texarkana and the town is in the process of building a bridge which is, no lie, taller than the tallest freeway bridge in Dallas. Now what does (the relatively flat town of) Texarkana need with a mile high bridge to anywhere?

**The Canton Texas flea market is one of the coolest places I have ever laid my little shopping eyes on. It's called the "First Monday" flea market and it's evidently open the weekend before the first Monday of the month.
(It's actually closed by Monday.)
(Is that odd to anyone else besides me?)
Anyway, it whatever they want to, it's a spectacular place to shop. And I guaran-durn-tee-ya that you will find stuff that you simply can not walk away from.
You must go.
Take a truck.

You hear me?

**At the flea market, I found a large old rusty pig sculpture with yellow wings. Jae was a pig collector and yellow was her favorite color.
The pig now has a new home in my front yard.

**The best part about vacations is that I can enjoy and "connect" with family members who, like me, run like crazy through this life. Although the trips can occasionally get frantic with things like tickets, parking, money, etc,....those moments are usually sandwiched between things which are enjoyable.

**A dear elderly friend was recently placed in an "assisted living facility" in Dallas. On her first day she attended (under protest) an exercise activity so she could meet other residents. They welcomed her, greeted her warmly and offered a prayer for God to help "her to learn to love them as they knew they would her, and to help her to love her new home as much as they did."
It did my friend's heart so much good to be greeted with such Christian affection.
Is that not amazing?
Ministry never stops does it?
Residents of nursing homes ministering to one another.

**It's good to talk to you again. I'm off to New York this weekend for a presentation to the Bereaved Parents of the USA, so I'll talk to you in a week or so!

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Shannon said...

NO....don't GO! We need you at the ballpark!!! Although I'm sure you'll do as much or more good at the conference. Go and enjoy and do good!! Your post sounds like you are refreshed and renewed. And oh yeah...Happy Birthday friend!