Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I am trying to carry my camera around more.
The problem with shooting pictures is the next tortuous step (for me) in home photography.
It's the place where I sit in front of my computer for hours scanning, downloading, transferring and then sending all of my pictures to a folder somewhere in Nigeria.
Abby has shown me at least 100 times how to
do this "simple" thing.
She says that she's getting tired of showing me.
I just tell that she should understand because
I've shown her how to clean the kitchen more times than that
and she continues to forget the process.


Below is the style show of the first "RocketDog day" at the
North Little Rock Cardiac Rehab department.
(Custom-created holiday by me)
Does anyone else have RocketDog shoes?
I think they are way cool!

Here are my daughter and her friends after an all nighter youth lock-in at church.
Can you tell which one is Abby?
She's the one yawning! (hee hee)
The do-nut in the foreground kinda made her blurry.

Here is what happens when a youth director finds a camera with special functions.

Oh friends....will you look at the size of my BURN PILE!!!!!

We decided to clean out the barn after decades of junking it up.
Much of the junk in our barn was there when we
purchased the property,
and then we did a mighty fine job of adding to it.
Now,...let me clarify that not ALL of the stuff in this BURN PILE! was from the barn.
It's been building from yard work and storm damage in
several of our family's yard.

It was getting so big that I told Ralph we had better take care
of the BURN PILE! soon
or the fire would just get way too big (not really).

To get the BURN PILE! started we added a little "impetuous".
For some reason, that's what my daddy called diesel fuel.
(Now don't you worry........we never never never use gasoline.)

Add a match.....

and you can see that we chose a good day to care
of the BURN PILE! because
the smoke is pretty much going straight up.
(that means there's "no wind")

I know you're jealous.
You wish you had a BURN PILE! this big.

Ralph calls Sophie (below) his "hairy daughter".
She wore herself out on the barn cleaning/BURN PILE! day.

But when you clean out a barn, find all kinds of cool things.

Like my Aunt Mildred's stove. Oh my my that woman could cook!!

I guess it got put in the barn in the 70's and the people who owned the

place for the next 20 years never moved it.
We actually have another stove in the barn from the 40's(?).

We haven't uncovered it yet, but I saw the top of it the other day!

These skeleton keys were raked up from the back of one of the compartments.

Can't you just imagine some man all frustrated

and saying "Hon? Where did you put my keys?"


Rhonda Rae said...

i love my rocketdogs i got them a year ago and have worn them till they are fallin apart. I plan on gettin new ones for my b-day. Ur so lucky 2 live in the country where u can burn.

Shannon said...

You are one crazy woman! I LOVE the pictures! Have I said lately that I need to get back on my blogging? I really do miss it. Facebook is the many ways!