Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jae's Artistic Church Moments

This afternoon, as I cleaned out some old papers and books from my office,
I found a workbook of Jae's.
She was always prone to doodle and write as she "listened".

Here's my favorite picture and danged if I know how it
and the next one ended up sideways!
Just tilt your head to the right a bit......

I think I recall this moment myself....
(hee hee)

The pic below says
"This is me is 5 minutes"
Is that not the sweetest?

I sat in the floor of my office and missed her with a
physical intensity that made me
short of breath.
I'm still that way tonight.
The world misses her.


Ernie said...

Yes, we do, and I never knew her except through you and the rest of her family. Looking forward to meeting her one day...

Anonymous said...

The physical hurt is so deep. I feel the loss over and over again. I go to work with a smile on my face and no one knows.