Thursday, October 8, 2009

Last Day In Cardiac Rehab

I took a bunch of pictures but can not post most of them because of HIPPA laws.
However, a few photos just have my co-workers.
Here are Daniel and Levi appearing all professional.
These two fellas are notorious for lifting cell phones out of unsuspecting patient's pockets and then changing the screen to their photograph.
I happen to know, however, that they are not angelic as they appear here.
They doctored the above picture on my camera into the photo you see below.
and here you will see that Levi has stolen MY glasses

and Daniel has stolen MY doughnut.

Below is a fuzzy picture of me and Deonna that I would
remove from this blog if I could figure how.
My other nurse co-worker Julie only had her pic taken with other patients
so I can't show her on here.

Glen is my boss. The picture below is a rare one
because he never lets us photograph him.
(Levi stuck his hand around the corner of the door to snap this pic)

Our work station

and the exercise area which is usually FULL of patients!

I deeply love this team and will miss working with them!

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Anonymous said...

Feels kinda displaced for us patients, too. It was special getting to know all you guys at a difficult time in our lives. Thanx for being there. I've got some pictures you might want of your old group if you're on facebook, or I could email them to you. Hope to see you soon,
Jon Dacus (