Monday, January 18, 2010

2009's List Which NO ONE wanted to know

A completely unofficial list of personal thoughts from 2009.

TV show
Best: Spike TV's "Destroyed in 8 seconds"
Worst: All CSI shows,..which run 24/7 on all stations.

(This category is limited since I only recall seeing 1 this year)
Best: Blindside
Worst: I swear I can't remember another single movie that I've seen this year! (?)

Date with Ralph
Best: All dates with Ralph are in this category

Car Ride
Best: An early fall trip to Fayetteville with Ralph to watch the Razorbacks.
Worst: Atlanta to the Youth Specialties conference.

Ministry moment
Best: Feeding the homeless Thanksgiving weekend under the Broadway bridge. It was wonderful to have an abundance to give away.
Worst: Running out of food under the Broadway bridge as we fed over 130 homeless men.

Best: Hearing Abby play The Rainbow Connection on her guitar. We sang this every night in her bed when she was tiny.
Worst: everything that raps

Scary moment
Best: (is there a "best" in this category?)
Worst: there's not one moment here, but rather 6 long weeks of scary moments as Casey traveled the US on her own in a million year old truck.

Funny moment
Best: My father-in-law needed a quick place to throw away some raisins while he was sitting near My mom-in-law's hospital bed. He dropped them into a bedside commode nearby. When my mother-in-law got OFF of it later in the day,...the nurse looked into it and said,....well, only went raisins! (hee hee,..nurse humor I guess)

Best: A Diary of Private Prayers by John Baille
Worst: Lovely Bones

Best: Expressing my love for co-workers/patients as we dissolved part of Cardiac Rehab.
Worst: Spending a day taking my resume all over Little Rock.

Best: Successfully removing a large sheath out of a patient's femoral artery.
Worst: Being in a position where I am unable to develop relationships with patients .

Best: Getting to know Casey's half-brother Adam. Three years ago, we didn't even know he existed.
Worst: Being angry at someone who was ridiculously rude.

Best: Watching Abby perform in band competitions
Worst: Missing one of Abby's band competitions.
Best: Casey's return from a summer of living large.
Worst: A text message from Casey (in No. Carolina) which filled me with fear for her safety.
Best: Watching Abby lead worship on Sunday mornings

Best: All things about Ralph's hairy daughter.
Another best: My new horse,..Pete.
Catastrophic: BC (barn-cat) is pregnant. I thought she was a he.

Best: My t-shirt that says..."The Donut Whisperer"
Worst: No no! not gonna tell!


Shannon said...

Absolutely cackles over R's hairy daughter. THAT was funny right there!

Beth D said...

Okay, you crack me up!!! If'n you weren't such a kitty hater, I could teach ya how to tell that BC is a she! HAHAHAHA