Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First 2010 Inventory

Resolution for 2010:
Set frequent goals.

Resolution from last year that I did not keep:
Almost every one of them.

The book I'm currently reading is:
"Third Base Ain't What It Used To Be" by Logan Levkoff. Our teens are beginning a weekly bible study on the Song of Solomon and purity in relationships and I get to be a group leader!
(I'm sure Abby is thrilled)

I'm stressed about:
What am I always stressed about?
Wouldn't you know that we'd be trying to raise 18 kazzillion dollars right in the middle of a frazzlin depression.
When we first began Jae's memorial scholarship, we agreed that we wanted it to be "God-story".
Impossibility is the platform for a miracle.....right?

What I am excited about:
Abby's soft heart.
The young'n isn't no no. She can go from calm to hysterical in 3 seconds flat, but she is listening and learning and seriously tries to do the right thing.
Now if I could only force her to switch her high school major to academics rather than friends.

What I am also excited about:
She worked out near impossible details in order to graduate this May.
She is excited and scared to death.
She may not know what she wants to do in life, but she's positive that she wants to be done with school!

Another thing I'm pumped about is:
Ralph cleaned off the top of his dresser.

I wish I could:

My current Bible study is in:

The song that's moved me recently is:
"His Favorite Song of All". It's by Phillips, Craig and Dean and is at least 15 years old. There's a few songs which I simply HAVE to listen to at an ear-splitting volume. Someday I will get a ticket for either the noise or the 85 mph speed that I go when this song is on.

I was glad that I:
made Abby read Dr. Martin Luther King's letter from the Birmingham jail.

I am frustrated that I:
opened my mouth way too much over some irritating things recently.

My new phrase for this moment in my life is:
Passionate Patience.

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