Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Merge Rebels

There are a lot of traffic rules which chaff the fool out of me but I don't think I am a rebel.
I try to follow rules.
Rules are usually created for our good and since I am a rational person, I try not to rebel.

However, there are a few which scream to be broken. Ones such as...
**35 mph on Republican Rd, (Weepyseeds author just paid a $200 ticket for breaking this rule)
**45 mph on the deserted 5 miles stretch of Batesville Pike (Weepyseeds author pulled over but received no ticket)
**4-way Stop sign at Olmstead, Arkansas. It would be a traffic jam is 2 cars arrived there at the same time, much less 4.

But there is one traffic rule which I follow and it drives me nuts when others do not. I think the reason it bothers me so badly is because it goes against Southern Hospitality.
It reminds me of being in elementary school when the class bully or the obnoxious kid would race to the front of the line. All of us meek rule-followers wanted to be at the front on the line, but we didn't manipulate the circumstances to get there.

My frustrating traffic rule has to do with lane closures and "merging".

I get all irritated with the drivers who refuse to merge left (or right) when instructed! They have a mile's worth of warning to merge and yet, they race breakneck to the last possible moment and then put on their measly little blinkers to signal that they are finally ready to follow the rules.
Now,....I'm not prone to road rage at all, but I garandernteeya that this chick will get all mean-spirited and spiteful as I work my way to the front of the lane.
There is no way on God's green earth that those traffic merge-rebels will force/insert/inch their way in front of MY bumper! In fact, if I had my way, they'd sit right there on the pavement under that flashing LANE ENDS! sign until the freeway is EMPTY!!!


(deep sigh)

I feel better.

By the way, Ralph is not a typical merge rebel. He's worse!
When I'm in the passenger seat beside him, he will let every merge rebel go in front of him just to spite me.
He says he's just being nice, but I know better.
Even though I've never smoked, I'll almost need a cigarette by the time he gets me past the bottleneck.

Are you a merge rebel?


Shannon said...

Just ask Mike...he'll answer that for you. He hates riding with me in the mornings...espcially in front of the 'big church on the freeway'.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Ummm...Yes, I get annoyed, but I let them in. My hubby however...Lets just say the two of you should not ever be in the car together. Things could get ugly for the other drivers.

Karen Matte said...

You would not fare well in Houston, Texas my friend. If you are not a road rager when you arrive here, you will become one. I am a PROUD merge rebel. The bad thing - my 10 year old sits in the back seat yelling the same thing I yell at her Daddy - HONK THE HORN!!!!!!

Ernie said...

My problem is with the people who do not use the acceleration lane to get to speed to merge with traffic. What? You don't know the term "acceleration lane"? It's no wonder, the name has been changed to a more generic "on ramp". ON RAMP?!?! That says nothing! Grrrr!!

Anonymous said...

I do not let them merge to aggravate my wife. I know she thinks that most of what I do is to aggravate her, but it is not so. I let them merge because I am a kind man.

Ralph E. Russell