Sunday, March 23, 2008

Middle Of The Story

I have grown up considering that the resurrection is kind of like the end of the story.
He died on the cross.
He rose after three days.
Because Jesus did not stay dead, we can all have hope.

Acts tells us in the first few verses that Jesus was "taken up", and then the angels came and then mentioned again that Jesus was "Taken from them". His Earthly body was somehow forcibly removed from the disciples presence, out of their sight and "up" into the clouds and into Heaven.

That's how my loved ones have gone.
Removed from us by a force we can not see. The difference is that they did not have their eternal bodies yet, so we could not observe the transportation.

I have thought often about the method of travel that Jae and daddy experienced in their death. What was the journey like?
Was it fast?
What were the sights?
Did they know what was happening? Daddy probably was knowledgeable about death,..maybe even expecting it, but not Jae.
Were there angels? (yes) They were at Jesus "going up",..but He was, you know,...Jesus. A bit more special than our loved ones here.

I am left to wonder.
And wonder I do.
and wonder and wonder and wonder.

Anyway. Back to Jesus.
He left us with parting words to anticipate His return, and gave us jobs to do in the meantime.
He leaves us to continue the story. Of course, the Bible was completed and written, but still humanity is left with a great deal of life to be lived.

Jesus's story I guess, will continue after He returns,..for then there will still be much to do. Raptures, Judgements, Armageddon, Feasts, etc.
Terrible things.
Wonderful things.

Come to think of it,..will God's story ever end?
No way.

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