Friday, August 1, 2008

You, Me and the Apostle Paul

I and a friend are trying to study a different book of the Bible each month.
This month is Philippians.
Yippee!! I am done studying Isaiah!!

Usually, as I begin each book, I spend time "setting the stage" for what I am reading. You know,..who's the author,.... what's he doing,...who's he talking to,..who are the intended readers,..etc.

I wonder if the Apostle Paul knew that his letters written to his friends at the church at Phillipi would ever be used as they were. Do you think he knew he was writing a portion of the Bible? It doesn't sound like it. His words to them from the prison cell are very personal.
I just bet he had no idea that millions would read, quote, memorize and apply his thoughts as actual words from God.
If he had known, do you think he would have written the letters differently?

Only God knows how our daily actions will impact the world.
We tend to think very small.

One of things the apostle Paul did for his friends, the Philippians, was to tell them the things he prayed about.
I think it's good to let people know how they are prayed for.
Therefore: Consider yourself told.
I prayed for you this morning around 9:30am.
Each reader of this post.
I prayed for you to not underestimate your impact on the world around you.
Think big.
Humility is good, but so is Faith.

God specializes in using broken-up people living life in a wonderful, crazy, messed-up world.
We won't know until eternity how important our obedience is.

I bet Paul is still shaking his head in amazement.

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