Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Laugh With Me

This week,..Jae Lynn's 21st birthday week,...I am looking for good memories and things to make me laugh.

Here is a man's voice mail message (audio only) that cracks me up every time time I listen to it. He evidently was on his way to work and was calling in to tell his boss he would be late.

Laugh with me,....


Rowdymom said...

I'm not sure which made me laugh harder, the mental image of the little old ladies, or the storytellers infectious laugh.

A much needed laugh today!

Thank you for sharing. I understand how you feel about Friday. My mom's birthday is the 10th. It's always a hard day for me, but it seems a little better each year.

I can't tell you that will be the same for you, I know it's a different situation. It's always going to be hard.

My mom's "motto" was "Never lose hope, Believe in prayer, Remember to laugh". Laughter truly is good medicine.

Dianne Swaim said...


It's midnight and I just looked at your web page for the girls and in reading the eulogy for Jae Lynn I saw that today (Friday) is her birthday. And now I see it's her 21st. I can't imagine the myriad of emotions you will experience today. I'm about to go to bed but when I get up (it will still be Friday) I will pray often throughout the day for you, Ralph, Casey and Abby.

Dear God,

Would you please give Becky, Ralph, Casey and Abby a look into heaven today to see the party you're throwing for Jae Lynn? Since they can't be there, please send them favors from the party all day long. Bless them and give them your best ideas for how to celebrate this day. Please help Becky use the gift of mercy you gave her to have mercy on herself today. Put the people she needs most around her and lift her up to your shoulder when she needs to cry.

In Jesus' name (the same name that's first on Jae's invitation list to her party), Amen.

Dianne Swaim