Saturday, December 13, 2008


As I have said before,..I try to do an in-depth study of one book each month. Maybe not the best way to go through the Bible,..some people go thru it in one year. But this book-a-month way has been wonderful for me. In fact,..I'm going to do it again next year.
Hey,.. I have an idea:
I'll post the books for each month,..and your New Year's resolution can be to do it with me!


(Why, thank-you Becky for planning everybody's life)

This month's study is supposed to be Acts. Not very Christmasy, but I did Luke last month so I am all saturated in the story of the season.
Abby, for some reason, has become interested in Revelation. She has always enjoyed scary stories and someone mentioned to her that there were monsters (i.e. creatures) in the book of Revelation.
So, curious of interesting biblical wonders, she has looked up all the passages of monsters/creatures.
Her next step of biblical study has been to interrogate me about the purpose and meaning of them all.

Now, do I know the purpose and meaning of the symbolism of a single one of them?
I do not.

So this month, I am scrapping Acts (sorry Dr. Luke) to delve headfirst into Revelation.
How exciting.

I went out and bought a commentary of Revelation to assist me in learning about this fantastic, apocalyptic book.
The first thing it said was that John was not the author.
This guy takes issue with The Revelation of John on the Isle of Patmos.
Good grief.
Haven't even began the book and I'm in the middle of doctrinal controversy.


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Who wrote the commentary? Most Bible scholars agree that John wrote it, so I am surprised that the one you bought says otherwise. *grin*

Myra Johnson said...

I honestly think you need at least one more commentary who DOES believe that John wrote it, and you can compare the two. There are online commentaries, too. Resources like Bible Gateway.

I hadn't thought about a book a month. I may consider that.

JTCRangers said...

Might want to get another commentary and limit the controversy to what’s in the book rather than start with the Arthor:)-- let me know what you find out about Pre, Mid, and Post trib:) -- I'm voting for Pre -- your da best