Wednesday, May 13, 2009


That girl of mine.
She's a restless spirit.
Full of wanderlust.
Still grieving deeply.
College education almost complete.
Frustrated with her lack of "calling".
Determined to mark things off her bucket list.

Her job in Colorado as a white water river guide did not pan out. I guess they hired others who were stronger and had more experience.
Good for them I guess.
Still,......don't anybody go to Colorado and use the "Wilderness Aware" rafting outfit. I'm holdin a grudge.

Casey was resolute that she would not work in the Texas Roadhouse again this summer full-time. She threw a dart at a map of the USA, it landed on Wilmington, North Carolina, she found a roommate on Craig's list, borrowed her dad's Garmin (Tom Tom) and headed East.

Her roommate was throwing a graduation party at the very moment that Casey drove into the driveway of her new "home".
Instant friends.
One took her to church Sunday.
She's been wake-boarding already.
Two hour bicycle tour exploring the town.
Been to the beach everyday.
She's been turned down for about 30 jobs.
She's now living with a stupid shedding cat. (Gross. Casey hates cats like her mom.)
She's loving it. So far.
She's planned on staying only a few weeks, but I suspect by that time, she'll be more than ready to come home.

Am I worried about her?
Every minute.
Did I encourage her to go?
No one knows more that I that a hundred terrible things can happen to her and I swear I visualized most of them. But I also know that the worst can happen three miles from my home.

Letting her go Encouraging her to go was the right thing to do.

Oh yeah.
Guess who/where she has an interview with tomorrow?
Texas Roadhouse in Wilmington North Carolina :)
Is that not a scream?

(please. No hate mail about the cat comment.)


Rhonda Rae said...

that is so awsome i wish i had the guts to do something like that

Shannon said...

Go Casey! And go mom! Don't know that I could have done it.