Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Found My Camera!

Quick! I have to use the camera before Abby knows it's been discovered! It's just a matter of time til the camera story begins.

Here is Caleb.
The closest thing to a grandchild we have.
My kids used to put this very bowl on their little heads.

Abby's throwing gang signs at our kitchen table.
You can tell her daddy is very impressed.

One of my wonderful patients made this butterfly house for me.
The little butterflies perch on the posts below the slits,
then they fold up their wings and enter to lay their eggs.
I can't recall the exact science involved, but if you remember,...
the eggs eventually change into a cocoon
which then morphs into a new beautiful butterfly.
Did you dear readers know that the "Butterfly"
is the official symbol of The Bereaved parents?

This will go into Jae's memorial garden which you can kinda see behind the porch swing.

Bought the metal sign below at a flea market.
I told Ralph I wanted it on the front of the house.
I kinda meant somewhere "unobtrusive".
It is now eye level by the front door.
I love that man.

I let Sophie out this morning and she chased some type of varmit into Jae's garden.
The hunt was on!
Heidi joined in and began ferreting out something under the rock.
The two of them have dug around the rock seat until it is almost falling over.
You can't see it real well, but there's a huge hound dog nose sticking under the rock.

Note the weed.
If I plant flowers, Heidi eats them in minutes.
Weeds however, will live there forever.

Below are my yard ornamanets.
One RV, one Back hoe and one 4 wheeler.

Now don't be jealous.

The 4 wheeler hasn't moved since it died there two years ago.

And I gauran-durn-tee you that the backhoe won't start tomorrow.


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The sign is hilarious!!! I need one!!

Shannon said...

I absolutely love this post. You are hilarious!