Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ist Kings

If you look on the far left sidebar of this blog, you will find that I am studying one book of the Bible each month. In the past, if I do not finish the book by the end of the month, I quit and keep to the schedule.
This month I did not follow that rule. I just finished April's book of 1st Kings.
This sounds corny, but I just could not stop.
I was captivated.

Here is the Becky Russell commentary of 1st Kings:

This is a book which discusses the death of David, whom God calls "A Man after His Own Heart". For the first time, I imagined what David's entrance into Heaven was like. The warrior was finally home.
His mighty men were with him at the end of his life. Not too long ago, I wrote a post about these men.
Solomon's building of the temple was tedious, but that prayer,..oh that prayer! The one he prayed at it's dedication was surely one of his finest moments in life.
I read right over the passage and completely missed the division of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Israel.
I never did understand that very well.
Obviously I still don't.
I don't recall much good that Ahab did.
Yet, God extended mercy to him for a moment of repentance.
Because Ahab got that moment of mercy, God instead chose to punish his son.
I don't understand that line of reasoning at all.
The 22nd chapter holds a hilarious moment of sarcasm in the middle of high drama.
A country will follow the current leader.
God holds the leader very accountable.

** ********************************
Here's the biggest impact this book has had on me:
Blessing or curses are freely bestowed on individuals which are based on the ancestor's past behavior and commitment to God. The scripture constantly mentions genealogy when discussing a person or situation.
My ancestors, generations back, have had a significant impact on me even though I have never met them.
I am just a small cog in a big wheel.
That's exciting.
That's scary.

I am now praying for God to
give me the courage
to live the kind of life where
wants to bless my children
because of me.

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