Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Journey

I've been thinking lately about my purpose.
I guess I should try again to read Rick Warren's book about the purpose-driven life.

I think I just need to remember a few things:
Like God is much more concerned about my heart than He is my successes.
He doesn't need me to be good at anything,..He just wants me to be faithful and obedient.
If I can exercise consistent Godly characteristics,
then His ministry will occur through me.
Little ole me.
Having an eternal Kingdom impact.

Although I am not in a true leadership position anywhere,
I have found that I am constantly leading people.
In most of my relationships at work and church, my old age (!) has given me
much experience in a variety of interesting things.

As a leader, I want to remember to be the biggest servant.
I don't want to have a "disdain for the mundane".
If I'm stacking chairs after a church event, then I want to be the best chair stacker ever.
If I'm washing dishes, then I want others to see me standing joyful at the sink.
Does God care about dishes and chair-stacking?
Maybe or maybe not, but I know
He cares about how I feel and act when performing those tasks.

I can't expect any type of ministry in my life to flourish if I don't
seek God through prayer and scripture.
Desiring a close walk with God won't get me there.
Feeling guilty is non-productive.
Church attendance is important but by itself will not sustain a life of purpose and ministry.
It's not enough to discuss God and His wonderful ways.
I can surround myself with good dancers, talk all day of my dancing skills,
and immerse myself in performances,
but that doesn't make me a dancer.

My life is about the journey.
Unexpected detours seem to be in the plan.
The only place I need to "arrive" at is Heaven.

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