Sunday, November 1, 2009

Riding Pete Into War

Last night, Bro David referred to a text in Revelation 19 which describes the last battle.
It is in our future when the curtain of time is dropping and
all the forces of evil are gathered to fight against
He who is called Faithful and True.
The army will be all dressed up in white wedding garments
and riding on white horses behind Jesus Christ.
Now who in the world wears white to go into battle?
And who goes to war after a wedding?
And you.
But I don't think we really have to fight.
Good thing, because I'm afraid I'd have trouble staying on the horse,
much less fighting on one.
Does this all sound a little far-fetched? does to me too.
However,...if we're going to believe the Bible, then we need to believe the whole thing.
How exciting!

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