Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My book to study this month is Matthew.
Some of the things I learn in my study almost seem so elementary that I often find myself ashamed because I'm just now learning them
I think,.."everyone knows these things except me!"
Well, I'm not disclosing what I learned today at my kitchen table because you would think me a big doofus.

I WILL however, mention other interesting (to me) observations from my last couple of days in Matthew:

There are four women listed in Matthew's discussion of Jesus' linage.
Two were prostitutes. (Tamar and Rahab)
One was an adulterous. (Bathsheba)
The last one mentioned was from a sworn enemy people of the Jews. (Ruth)

John the Baptist is in the middle of a verbal tirade against the Pharisees and Sadducees when his cousin Jesus appears out of nowhere, pecks him on the shoulder and asks to be baptized. John switches instantly from a loud confident prophet to a knowledgeable but humble (confused?) brother.
I would have loved to have witnessed this moment shared between the two of them.

After Jesus was baptized,..the Spirit of God descended and "hovered" on Him as a dove. Did you know that in the second verse of Genesis 1,..before the world was formed,..the Spirit of God "hovered" over the darkness?
The Spirit of God as a tiny dove vs the Spirit of God hovering over a huge unformed planet.
One and the same.

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Sydney said...

Hey girl- I am so behind on checking anyone's blogs (and really on updating my own) but I had a few moments while Chris was watching the Cowboy game and spent some time with yours. Love the sweet Teddy post. Your writing is beautiful.

On Matthew, one of my favorite parts of Matthew was when the disciples were in the boat with Jesus and the storm came. They were fearful, though he was RIGHT there. It so taught me that you can be completely in HIS will (you can't get much closer than in the boat with Jesus) and still have storms. It was so reassuring to me that the storms WILL come, but HE will be with me. I loved studying Matthew!

Hope your crew is well- Merry Christmas!