Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm Resolute!

Here's my list.
The thing absolutely no one has been waiting for.

I am going to try to do each of these this year:

1. Perform one anonymous act of service each day.
Family, friend or stranger. Anyone is subject to my attention.
After all, service is the premise of WeepySeeds.

2. Do something each day week occassionally that scares me.
I've heard people say do something each day that is scary, but I just don't have that much time or energy.
I am also a weenie weenie weenie and don't really wish to be scared.
I've heard however,..that doing this makes life more fun.
Fun is good.

3. Be more spontaneous.
When the girls were small, we used to have "Yes days". Everything they asked me got a "yes!" answer. Those days ended up being pretty cool days for me too.

4. Real Estate.
Acquire more.
(Should I warn Ralph?)
(I suppose.)

5. Continue my Book-of-the-month-Bible-study.
I will be posting my monthly list in my sidebar on the left. Join me!

January study is Revelation. Here's how it works for me:

**Have a study Bible and/or a commentary.
**Begin by reading about the context and author. This is crucial to understanding the message!. Who is writing these words (for God of course) and why are they penning these words? Who is the book written for?
**Divide the book into days of the month. For instance,...Revelation has 22 chapters, therefore, I can do about a chapter a day during the month and have a couple of days to slough off. If there are 40 chapters, then I'd need to read/study two chapters on some days.
**Start at the beginning of the book and read it in order.
**Read the Bible chapter,..then read the commentary or notes about that chapter.
** This step is important,.....Write your notes and observations in the margins of your bible! I call it "preserving the learning". This will be a reminder of the things you have learned.

This entire system can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. Just depends on how deep you want to go, or how much time you have.

6. Memorize two verses of scripture a month.
This is something that Beth Moore is loosely organizing within her siestas blog following.
Join me here too! (Thanks Beth James for encouraging me to do this!).

7. Continue to keep an eye out for people who are drowning in pain.
They are everywhere, but are often camouflaged with a smile and a wave of their hand that things are fine.
I'm gonna git all up IN their business!

8. Continue to enlarge Jae Lynn's memorial educational scholarship.
I am no good, no good I tell ya, at fund-raising.
Way out of my comfort zone.

9. And of course, continue this blog journal.
It's been amazingly good for me to journal my journey in this fashion. I've got a LOT of work to do on my other pages,....I'm working on them all. I just am not posting them for viewing until they are complete. (or at least almost complete)

I expect #6 to be my life-changer.

I love you and am so glad to have you as a reader and follower.


Michael said...
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Kim Jimerson said...

I'm gonna add "#6" to my list too!
THANKS for sharing!!

Wayne Poling said...

I just had the opportunity of viewing your YouTube video done by Youth Specialties. What a wonderful blessing it was. What a marvelous statement about God's wonderful grace and your trust in Him through such difficult days. Hearing your story and some of your journey has been such a blessing.

Wayne Poling