Friday, February 26, 2010

A Few Things In My House

Jae and Casey made these in Vacation Bible school one year. They are some of my favorite kitchen decor items! :)

Notice Jae's girl skier,..she made her hair appear to be flying back because "she's going so fast"!

This was not one of my better ideas. Each daughter had their own jar with marbles representing a week of their life until they turn 18 years old.

I should have never started it.

This note was taped to my work computer during the first few months after Jae's accident.

It's still a good reminder so I moved it to my fridge!

A bathroom portrait!
What fun times we had in those caps in the tub!

Above is the message Amanda left me tonight when she picked Abby up. Amanda is competing in a dance competition. She's the best dancer I know.

Good Luck darlin!

Speaking of sheep,....this is a lamb which we had "preserved".

Below is Abby's red bedroom. I resisted this for years, but finally gave in to her request for this color. I do believe I will have to re-sheetrock the walls when we finally decide to cover it with another color.

There is also no-tellin what Abby Rae will fasten to her walls. You will notice ticket stubs, photos, letters, fruit roll-up wrappers, flowers, old person snap-on sun-glasses (the kind you get at the eye doctor), etc,.... And this is just ONE wall.

Here is Mousey looking all sad beside Jae's picture.

There were a million hours spent sitting in front of this doll house.
The windows near the ceiling of my bathroom.

Below is Jae's bulletin board.
Note three things that she kept on it:

Lauren's t-shirt
A story about Sam.
Kyle's picture and funeral program.
All 3 were friends she lost.
She mourned them every day until she joined them.

Below is, by far, one of my fave places in my house.
Abby loves how the plants get all in the water. Abby frequently makes me go shopping in her favorite store,..Saver's!
It was a good find when I saw this
hand-stitched quilt for
Where would Ralph's hairy daughter burrow if we didn't have this quilt on our couch?

My childhood doll, Thumbelina.
You can tell I loved her.
All three girls used to argue over who would HAVE to take her in their portion of their inheritance. (sniff)
They just don't see the cool treasure of my

If I had a motto,.....

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