Sunday, March 7, 2010


It's been a long time since I've been as busy as I am right now.
I'm not whining, but thought I'd share why this blog may be a bit more silent than usual.

The 3 Cheerleaders annual signature fund-raising event is one week away and I am completely overwhelmed with the amount of support given by the businesses in our community.
I am also amazed at the tireless devotion of my family to this cause that they believe in.

When we first began this scholarship, it was for selfish reasons. We did not want Jae Lynn to be forgotten. Putting her name on a educational scholarship seemed to bring some of her presence and permanency into the school hallways where she belonged.
We were crazy with pain and didn't have a clue what we were doing. We just had so much emotion and channeling it into something positive seemed like a good thing to do.
Sure. Sure.
Wait until we are ripped wide open and shattered emotionally, spiritually and physically and THEN start the biggest endeavor of our lifetime.
Who in the world does things like that?

Tens of thousands of people.
Survivors of catastrophe often feel like they have nothing to lose, they go for it all. They do hard things and overcome barriers that would have stopped them cold in their "old life".

My family and I miss Jae Lynn every morning that we rise and every evening that we lay our heads down. We speak daily, daily I tell ya, of how badly we wish she was still with us.

I am past feeling unstoppable.
In fact, I'm feelin pretty durn stoppable every single day.
Tonight I feel like I'm not even go-able.
If you think about us anytime during the next couple of weeks, please say a prayer of strenght for the whole big lot of us. We want this weekend's event to be a success and bring honor to our Lord at the same time.
Both are of the utmost important to all of us.

(PS: Hey! Come join us! Sherwood Forest 3/14/10, drop in around noon for lunch.)

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