Sunday, August 22, 2010

Branson, Jasper and Booger Hollow

Went to Branson for our 30th anniversary.
We went here when we got married back in 1980 and Branson Mo was a mostly wide spot in the road with a
cool place called "Silver Dollar City".
Back then our hotel had a theater across from it called
"The Corn Crib Theater".
It was one of about three places in town to go for a show and
we were almost the only ones in the theater that night.
My my my! how things change.
Branson today seems to me that it would be the
Southern version of the Las Vegas strip.
Gaudy signs.
A million hotels.
6 million souvenir shops.
I never really cared a whole lot about going,..
until we found the cabin you see in the following photos
It's made going so much more relaxing.
It's a one room deal,..with the giant sleep number bed
right out in the middle of the great room.
(in the above pic, can barely see it on the right)

The back porch (below) is completely enclosed and faces the woods.

The kitchen makes it comfortable to eat breakfast and
whatever else you want to cook
(which is nothing in my case)
On the way home, we decided to take
the "scenic" route down Hwy 7.
Jasper has this place called the Ozark Cafe (established 1909).
I thought it'd be closed since it was Sunday afternoon in
Jasper Arkansas.
Nope,..there were about 100 or so people in there.
No lie.

Ozark Cafe was in the middle of the tiny town square.

As I snapped a pic of one of the buildings,..
I noticed a For Sale sign!
It looked like an old movie theater.
Ralph won't let me call,.......sniff

Everyone in Arkansas should say they've been to Booger Hollow

Kinda fuzzy but you can see that we have a double decker outhouse in Booger Hollow.
(Make sure you are always on the top)

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Shannon said...

LOVE LOVE the are an insane woman!! And Happy Anniversary to 2 of my favorite people.