Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Faith, Faithful and Obey


These two things are very different aren't they?
I can be faithful at alot of things but that doesn't mean I'm the least bit "full of faith".

There's been times that I've gone to church regularly for weeks, but have been further away from God than an addict on skid-row.
I was a "faithful" attender. But my "faith" was weak.

God expects both from us.

Another thing I'm dealing with is obedience.
Last Sunday morning, I gave a wide-open lesson of about 12 cool stories in the 15th, 16th and 17th chapters of I Samuel. Every one of them is huge and I have no idea why I crammed 'em all into our Bible hour.
The main point of my lesson dealt with David's anointing and how the new King of Israel went straight back to tending sheep. I just took the long road to get there! :)

However,...the next morning at 5:30 am sharp,..I was awakened by the thought (or was it a still small voice?) that to Obey is better than sacrifice.

You see,...in one of the passages I'd read to the teens Sunday morning,...,...there was an admonishment to Saul because he talked liked he did things God's ways,..but he really didn't.
Samuel the prophet scolded him and said "...To Obey is better than sacrifice...."
Saul wasn't "real" sinful,..he just didn't do all the things he was supposed to.
(just teasin,....God rejected Saul completely for his sins of attitude)
But here's the deal,...I didn't spend any time at all on that particular passage because I was zooming to David's anointing.
I wasn't the least bit convicted of that passage on Sunday.

Hebrews 4: 12 talks about "...the Word of God is living and active,.." and I'm telling ya,..I've been reminded!
I think God spoke to me early Monday morning through Samuel the prophet!
(don't be jealous)
He just woke me right up and reminded me that I talk about reading God's word,..but I'm not faithful at all.

Just like Saul.

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