Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My To-Do List

I've got a BIG to-do list:

Finish the book of Acts.
I've been going through it for about a month and a half and Paul is just now reaching Jerusalem! There is a divine reason that I am immersing myself in the book at this very moment in my life.

Ponder the book of The Radical.
Read about it here.
That's why I'm studying Acts I think.
I think it's a God thing.
This book has turned me on my ear.
My friend Kay and all the sales people at Mardels told me it would.

Stay off of Jacksonville-Cutoff Road.
That narrow stretch of road is always insane with freeway traffic, no shoulders, 1800 side roads, 49,016 mailboxes, a dozen joggers and at least one crazy mother pushing a baby stroller.

Officially welcome the newest member of my family.
Lily Savannah made her earthly arrival last Monday.
You can see pictures of her on her mom and dad's facebook. Thank you Amanda and Ryan for being in my family and for making it more beautiful and wonderful than it already was.

Go on a mission trip.
Gotta get my passport first.
I keep saying that I need my Visa but Ralph says that's only if I want to work there (hee hee)
Wonder where I will go?

Get counseling to find out how to parent.
You'd think after 23 years, I'd be up on this topic, but I swear I'm getting dumber.
Not because my girls say so, but because I feel so.

Sell my van.
Anyone out there need a beat up gas guzzler with no air conditioner?
I didn't think so.

Re-do our "playroom"
I guess I need to re-name it too. They don't play much in there anymore,..they mostly sit and watch movies or play Wii.
The current jungle design was created by Jae and Casey. Remember when Zebra, Leopard and bamboo was in style?
Abby has way different taste. I think we have dark gray in the future. Dark,..dark,..dark,...gray. It will be pretty dark

Never forget the level of pain that some people are going through.
I heard this song this afternoon and I was acutely reminded of the
despair I felt after Jae's death.
Michael O'Brien is singing this song,
but I think it actually was written by Matt Hybarger.

There are lots of us out there who are in deep pain and suffering.

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