Saturday, January 12, 2008

A letter to my girls

Dear Casey and Abby,

Here we are in a weekend which just happens to be the end of one semester and the beginning of the next. Grades have been earned, scores are posted, and this Monday you get to start over with a new slate of classes, teachers (sometimes) and hopes. Your daddy and I are proud of both of you and will continue to support you as you sit through the grind of an education. Some people talk about the thrill of learning,..but we know that oftentimes the tedium of the classroom far outweighs the joy of learning.

One of my resolutions this year was not related to school work at all. It is to encourage both of you to live your life stronger for God. My encouragement comes not because either of you are living a life of sin, but more because I have been convicted recently that this "taking up my cross daily" business is pretty hard work. If God's will was all clearly spelled out for you, following Him may be easier. Instead, He asks you, no, He longs and desires that you be Faithful to His word.

Communicating with Him through the Bible and prayer is when you will find the way to the joy and abundant life that He promises. It's not rocket science. They do not seem to be a flashy way to success, but trust your mom here,...they work.

When either of you leave for any reason through our kitchen door to go out, I always call out to you my love and concern "I love you!" "Please be careful!"
You and I know full well the meaning of those parting words.

What if God Himself were sending you out our kitchen door? He may call out things like:

"Don't forget to love those who you come into contact with today! Especially those who are hurting or are unlovely!"

"Be on guard Casey and Abby, you can not imagine how bad Satan wants to attack you"

"I am waiting right here girls for you to call out. If you need me, I will there instantly!"

"People everywhere are watching you. Please know that you are a direct reflection of Me"

"Look in the mirror and check your heart!"

God's plans for your life are way bigger than mine.

Heaven is closer than you think.

Fear nothing when you are following Him closely, and be terrified when you are not.

Your daddy and I love you with all that we are.

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Amanda said...

I love reading your feed and am so excited you now have a photo.