Saturday, January 5, 2008


New Years Resolutions.
Something vague to talk about in passing.
Realistic goals without a plan for achievement.
No specific process to ensure success.

There are things I want done in this next 365 days. Actually less than that, since it's the 5th of Jan. But we can add a day since it's a leap year!
A good friend (thank you K.) informed me with a wave of her hand that my two resolutions were too "vague" "Not specific enough" "Those won't take me anywhere" "Not personal enough".

Well alrighty then!
I have made some more.
Of course I have some more!
I have deep desires every single day of the year to do things better. Don't we all?

A teenager once gave a short devotional at our church and I will never forget one of the things he said: You should never be afraid to do what God wants you to do,..but you better always be afraid when you are NOT obeying Him".

It feels good to have a plan. Or at least to refocus my attention to what I really consider important.
What are my priorities in life?
Am I neglecting any of them?
What is keeping me from doing what I need to do?

Last time that I really made the list of priorities, it set in motion a career change.
I hope that doesn't happen this time.

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