Thursday, January 17, 2008

Unread Letters

When a letter is sent to someone, it actually means very little if the recipient does not read it. The content may be extremely important, but does it does matter if it never gets opened and read? The letter to my girls was probably read by several people, but not by the two people it was addressed to.
Casey and Abby know my heart. My message is not new. I tell them the same things in person and try to do it often, but a written word is sometimes much more powerful.

It's an easy thing for them to forget who and what they are as they face their day to day culture. Schedules, relationships, school work, and other things scream for their attention.

Often my ideas seem to be out-dated and yes, even irrelevant.
"You know mom, that things are different these days."

The fact that they don't read my blog does not mean that they don't love me. Of course they do! They are satisfied though, with different forms of communication.

I find myself desperate to make them hear,.. and take to heart, message. Eventually, as I usually do, I will speak to them the exact same things that I wrote in the letter.

As usual, I considered how this all was similar to my relationship with Christ. My Father has His heartfelt life changing message written directly to and especially for little ole' me.
Ready for me to open it and read.

Yet, I can go for days at a time without even opening His letter.

I am doing better than I used to, but still need more. Even a small amount of time spent reading His letters has a profound impact on me. His encouraging words change my thoughts and my daily responses to people and situations. Even though the things I read are not new.

One of my patients told me this morning that he needed his birthday suit ironed because it was full of wrinkles. Oh how I can identify with his funny statement! However, it is comforting to know from 2nd Peter, that our birthday suits may wrinkle, but our hearts grow more beautiful as we follow Christ.

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Anonymous said...

I am like you, in that I have the letter directed to me, with important things that I need to hear, but I often don't bother to open it up.
Too busy to get to the letter
To hard to interpret
Might not like the contents
Won't really change anything
don't think it is addressed to me
on and on the list goes.

But scripture says, the Letter is God inspired and sharper than a two edged sword, rightly dividing the word of truth.
I know God's word is capable, and my soul,spirit needs to hear it---so my worldly body will have a chance to repond.
Without reading it--my soul/spirit will be moved more easily by the objects it encounters.
And that is not a good thing.

Lets resolve together with others to --be in the Word.