Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A New Sister

There is a verse somewhere in the New Testament (feeling guilty about not knowing the address) about "being ready in season and out of season to give a good word" .
Tonight I was dog-tired and starved but found myself unexpectedly taking home a car load of teenagers after church tonight. This old woman had not been home in 15 hours and I was feeling it.
Abby was in the front seat with me and only one girl left in the backseat of my car. Her home was on the other side of Jacksonville.
Oh boy.
Three-Dog-Night blaring from the car speakers (I like those boys singing LOUD!)
C-130's buzzing overhead.
Then I hear this little voice pipe up from the back seat and mention
"I've been feeling like I need to come closer to God".

We pulled to car over at the closest safe area so I could look her in the eyes as I told her about Jesus and His incredible plan for us to be brought to God.
Do you know where her first prayer and her salvation occurred?
Directly under my tree with my special "wonderfully different limb" that I blogged/wrote about on Saturday, April the 5th.

The most profound eternal life and death issue that this beautiful young girl will ever face is instantly entrusted to Abby and I.

And Three-Dog-Night.

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