Saturday, June 7, 2008

Abby In Glorietta

Abby is leaving early in the morning for church camp.
Glorietta, New Mexico.

As you can tell,..her preparations have begun.

Don't all of us begin packing for a long trip by dragging out everything we own, throwing it on the bed near a suitcase way too small, and then making a ceiling mobile out of "monster" energy drink cans?
I have prayed for it to be the best trip of her entire young life. I have always told the girls that "God doesn't necessarily talk to us louder or more when we are at church camp,..but we are better listeners when we are there."

I remember vividly sitting in our youth room in the early 1970's and broaching the subject of our church youth group going to Glorietta, New Mexico. We might as well have asked to go to the other side of the world.

Getaways should not be just for kids and teenagers. I think that adults need to go somewhere every year to Church camp. A whole week of worship, powerful speakers, fresh friendships, new location and time to listen to God.

Can you imagine how spiritually tanked up our families and churches would be?
Would God speak louder to us if we went somewhere new or would we just be better listeners?
Does it matter?
Either way, would be life changing.
Just like it used to be.

Pray for our young brothers and sisters who will be on the road tomorrow.
May they never be the same.

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