Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"You Ain't Dead Yet" award

I recently attended a "Youth Specialties" training conference and received the "You Ain't Dead Yet" award. The "honor" was mine because of all the attendees there, no one has worked with teenagers longer than me.

"How long have you been a youth worker? the speaker asked me in front of the crowd.

My answer surprised even me as I told him,...... "Twenty-eight years".

28 years? What in the cotton-pickin heck am I doing in youth ministry after 28 years?
And unpaid at that!

Anyway,..at this conference, I was one of the few females there and I was the only one who was not sporting a goatee and band t-shirt.
Ok,...Ok,...a few females had no goatees, but they all were wearing band t-shirts.

It's true,..I ain't dead yet. However, I am thankful for a young man and his wife who have decided to throw in their lot with our Church and live life together along side of us.

Levi and Sarah Tucker are the answer to my prayers for Godly leadership for our young people. Not only are they passionate about bringing teenagers closer to our Father, but they are popular, handsome, beautiful and fun!
I knew Levi would be a great youth leader when he showed up on his very first visit to our church youth group. He went outside, scooped up some snow into a monster snowball, brought it into the church hallway and nailed one of the boys right up side the head.

In the church for Pete's sake!
Now that's cool!

What a privilege to work with teenagers.
I pray that in 28 years,..Levi is awarded the "I ain't dead yet" certificate.
But then again,.......maybe I'll put my walker aside and go up to claim it myself!

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