Thursday, June 19, 2008

Faithful or Faithless?

Does anybody out there like radio preachers?
My favorite radio preacher, bar none, is David Jeremiah.

The bad part about listening to David is that he comes on my
radio at 5 frazzlin :30 in the morning.
I wonder if he is in charge of that evil time-slot decision?
Surely not.

Over the past couple of years,.my mom has given me the gifts of this man's sermon series.
First, she gave me the David Jeremiah sermon series on Heaven. I'm telling ya,..I couldn't do without those sermons and their mental pictures. They have provided satisfaction for my "Heaven Obsession".
I have his series on Angels. I couldn't do without those either. The incredible theology from those sermons have fed my imagination for hours!
Then there is my series on King David. All I can say about those sermons is,..Oh My.

The other day, David preached a sermon and quoted a intense thought by Martin Luther. It was long, so I can not remember it exactly, but it went something like this:

What good is a strong Faith if we do not use it at the point where it impacts us personally? What good is a Faith that is passionate for things which we are not directly involved in?
If there is a place, person or situation in our life which has a need for God's intervention,..then we should not flinch in the battle! That's the time to practice what we preach!
If we will not use our Faith in our daily walk,..then how can we say we have it at all?

I've thought about this every day,..several times a day since I heard it.
What situation in my life needs a "God intervention"?
There are many.

I speak a strong Faith, but what is my practice?

I Samuel 15:22 says " obey is better than sacrifice..."

Where do I start?

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