Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Email, PowerPoint and The Bible

I can check my work email from home.
No big deal really. A lot of people can do that.
I've done it for years.
A year or two ago, all Baptist employees were asked to stop using the old system of getting into their work email and use a new system which was more "secure".
I resisted. (I know. You aren't surprised.)

I've had computer trouble lately and had to finally do what our computer services has asked me to do for a long time.
I was forced to go to our home site, download the correct software and for the first time, begin to use my new "secure" way to access my work email.

Heavens to Betsy and glory be,....you would not believe the stuff they added to my computer! I now have access to the most recent and best PowerPoint software I have ever seen! It's the stuff that would have cost me a big wad of money had I tried to purchase (which I almost did just the other day).
It's got dozens and dozens of bells and whistles and I can't wait to learn to use one or two of them!

Here's something I want to know:
Why didn't those teck-ey guys tell me that this was an added feature of my new "secure" email?
Maybe they did and it was in "code",....you know,...phrases like 'added features' or 'bonus tools'.

Makes me wonder how much I am missing in the scripture.
I spent an hour tonight listening to Beth Moore and I am convinced there are about 79 trillion things that are waiting to be downloaded into my head and my heart.
Great life-changing truths are between those leather covers, just waiting on my discovery.

I've a renewed desire to learn.

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