Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hoxie, Houston and Small Churches

Dear readers,
I have a theological question for you.
I asked my Pastor and some friends this morning and the discussion got very lively.

Is a small church doing something wrong if it is not growing in numbers?

No matter the location.
Here in the Southern U.S. or maybe in the jungles of the Congo.

This all started yesterday when I went to another Band competition with Abby.
The "Fabulous Falcon Marching Band" won FOURTEEN (14!) trophies.

At this competition, there was a itty bitty school called " Hoxie" which had about 15-20 performers/musicians. I missed their performance but I heard that they were wonderful!

Then there was a rich school from Germantown, TN called "Houston High School" with 224 performers/musicians. This band, you shoulda seen it! They had synthesisers, electric guitars, scaffolds, smoke machines and an adult "pit crew" who had to set up the field before their arrival. They put on a show which rivals the older university bands I've seen.
(By the way,...the Fabulous Falcon Marching Band won more trophies that Houston)
(stop it Becky. Stop. You're bragging)

If I was a kid from Hoxie, it would be hard to not compare my band program to Houston High's.

Back to the church question.
Is a small church doing something wrong if it is not growing?

(I don't know if my thinking wears other people out, but it sure does me.)


Rowdymom said...

I guess it depends on your definition of growing. Our church is definitely small (average around 50 each Sunday). However, we stay about the same size all the time, we add new people and then we lose members (usually due to death). Our congregation does have a large number of older folks. Sometime last year, I felt really disheartened that our church never seemed to "grow". Then I realized that while we still didn't have a large number of folks in the pews, we did have new faces. I also realized that those in the pews were all people that I loved. It occurred to me that ours was a very loving church. Sometimes it seems like our church is a starting point for those going to be leaders at other larger churches. I believe our church has a role. It's to love and minister to EVERYONE that walks through the door. Are we doing that, I would answer Yes. So while our numbers may not be growing, our members are growing in their relationships with God and with one another. We are disicples and we are making disciples. I believe that was what Jesus called us to do.

And no Becky your questions don't "wear" me out, they just make me think.

Love ya,

JTCRangers said...

Sometimes God uses big numbers, sometimes he uses small numbers. When I read your question, Gideon (Judges 7) came to mind - started with 32,000 troups, God only wanted 300, to show he gets the glory for victory and that he can could do mighty things with small numbers