Monday, October 20, 2008

Falcon Marching Band

Blogger's block: When you can't bring your thoughts together where they make a bit of sense.

Actually,..I have a lot of thoughts, but I'm seldom a deep thinker. Listen friend,..if I were to put my thoughts and ideas on here as they cross my mind, you would back away from your computer screen saying, "Yep. I knew it. Here's proof. She's nuts."

This weekend was taken up, and I mean flat taken all up! with the NORTH PULASKI FALCONS HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND. (That's how we like to hear it on the PA system. Loud and enthusiastic). Of course, our band achieved perfection in all of their scores. Their performances are beautiful and amazing to watch.

I recall that special night of Abby's first band concert. I sat in the auditorium expecting to be emotionally moved as I was when I first heard Jae and Casey's first choir performances. (Those two concerts moved me to tears. Young voices singing: Pia Jesu'.....Pia Jesu'.....)

Back to the band.
When Abby's band director stepped onto the podium, the choir and audience alike became hushed and still.
She lifted her baton and the students instantly and with precision lifted their instruments to the correct position.
I, and the rest of the audience, seemed to hold our breath in anticipation.
The director swept her hands up and the auditorium was filled with what sounded like a hundred and twenty car horns honking a familiar sounding rhythm.

No kidding.
But that was four years ago.
Today, they are a lean mean competing machine which strikes fear in other high school bands on competition day.

My admiration is deep for Karen Dismuke, the director. You ought to see this phenomenal woman with her students. She's the kind of teacher who we all love to hear about in stories and on TV. She's the whole package,..funny, talented, firm, inspirational, soft and so on.

But hats off as well to Mrs. Koehler who led these students through their horn honking phase. It's no wonder she works along side of Mrs. D. at the competitions! It's the fruit of her hard work in that band room at middle school.

I'm proud of the students too. They are now part of something which is much larger than themselves.
They have students who are:
"Load Masters"-tons of equipment, instruments and a huge trailer.
"Bus Captains" - it takes 3 school buses to take them everywhere.
"Section Leaders" - it's a big band. Small groups can provide motivation/communication.
I've witnessed older students take care of the younger.
Not a lot of popularity issues.
I'm sure the high school "drama" is there,..but not on the level I've seen in other student groups.
Spending the day at War Memorial stadium filled with 2000 musically talented teenagers, 100 or so of whom I love,.....
now that's what I call a good day.
I'll talk to you soon.

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Shannon said...

Hear, hear! on Karen Dismuke! There's nobody else like her!