Tuesday, October 7, 2008

God's Is Always For Me

God is ALWAYS operating in my best interest?

I've been studying this week about how He never (never ever never) puts us in a situation which we can not "win".

So if I am defeated, did I choose it?

I tend to gauge my success on the circumstances that I find myself in.
Meaning,..when things are good, God is pleased with me and blessing me.
If that's true, then the natural assumption is that when things are rough, I am being punished or disciplined.

I've been reminded this week that God does not just tolerate me.
He adores me as if I am His only beloved child.
My affection for my girls is indescribable. I am always rooting for them. I would never on my worst day, wish pain or failure into their lives.

How much more does God love me?

OK I'll agree.
He always operates for my best interest.
It's settled then.

But here's the rub:
(not settled after all :)
The methods He has used to bring me closer to Him are too painful.
I may cry for a deeper walk with God, but I am terrified of the classroom.
Save me from the lessons!

How about Jae?
Was He all out FOR her that afternoon?
Was that His plan all along for the ending of her life?

How long,O Lord, must I wrestle with my thoughts? (Psalms something)

John 13:7 says "Some of the stuff that's happening in your life, you just can't know about. However, I'll show you all about it when you get to Heaven." (NBV New Becky version)

God's always for me.
wrestle wrestle
God's always for me.
wrestle wrestle
God's always for me.
wrestle wrestle

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