Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've been thinking and studying about Easter. (Haven't we all?)

By far, one of my favorite passages in all of scripture occurs at the "last supper".
It was the feast of the Passover when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a the back of a donkey. Then, preparations began for the Passover feast.
As He and His disciples were in the upper room and participating in the sacred ritual of remembering the Jewish people's delivery out of Egypt,...Jesus throws the 12 men a curve.
He breaks the bread and serves the drink and deviates from the traditional remembrance by telling His friends to eat His body and drink His blood.
I wonder if they all sat up and looked around incredulously and thought What in the world is He talking about? These words were no where in the age-old script of the traditional passover feast!
He was telling them that this was a powerful way to commune with Him after He was gone. (which they didn't understand His talk of death either)

I wonder how our Lord's supper is different today than it was meant to be?
Do we carry on with only a "remembrance" or is it to be "spiritual thing" as well? I think I have had fairly low expectations of the whole experience and I am fairly certain I'm not the only one.
He often said in scripture that HE was the bread of life.

I will be taking the communion,...Lord's supper this Easter morning and I am going to approach it very differently.
I have no firm answers for what I am searching for, but some spiritual things aren't explainable anyway.

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