Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17th is Abby's Birthday

Abby Rae.
Sixteen years old.
As she snuggled with me in bed this morning I listed
several of the reasons I am proud of her.
I could list them here, but most would sound exactly
like the reasons any mom feels regarding her child.
For the first year or so of Abby's life, I would frequently ask the rest of the family
"Can you imagine life without her?!"

Most moms know exactly where they were when their children were born, but not so with some of us adoptive moms!

That's why I am grateful for my morning of St. Patricks day 1994.
Sixteen years ago on this day, Jae, Casey and myself stood in front of our bathroom mirror and all spoke about wearing green and pinching people.
Jae was 5 years old and Casey was 4.
Pinching was the big topic of the morning.
It's always a stressful day when us moms have to send our young ones out into the world where pinching is allowed!
So as I brushed their hair we spoke of pinching etiquette.
Things like
*Don't pinch people at all.
*If you have to pinch, make sure they are wearing no green.
*Never ever pinch hard.
*Avoid bullies,..they pinch too hard and try to hurt.

Unbeknownst to us as we stood in front of that mirror, the youngest member of our family was taking her first breath somewhere miles away.

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Anonymous said...

I still remember how you came to this office a couple of weeks after receiving Abby and set a table with beautiful linens and served the staff of Bethany to say thank you for our part in Abby joining your family. What a wonderfully humbling day that was for me. I have never forgotten how you ministered to us out of your joy. So, thank you, again, for loving on us that day. AND, Happy late birthday to Abby.