Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have spent a great deal of time and energy lately trying to change things that are uncomfortable for me.

God has given me a particular set of talents, preferences and gifts and I tend to think that I am supposed to "exercise" those most (or all?) of the time.
When I find myself thwarted, frustrated, stifled or useless, I tend to think that I need to
do something.
Fix it!
Change the circumstances.
Solve the problem.
Make myself feel better.

All throughout scripture however, I find that that the hard things we go through can produce the very characteristics which make us much more useful to God.


The conflict is the point?
The discomfort is the plan?
The confusion is actually the path?

That's not the popular view of God.
I am no theologian, but I am saying that God seems to work this way in my life.

Dear Lord of my life, I am blessed beyond measure.
Help me Lord to exercise the Faith I know to be sure.
Help me to remember that Your priorities are to be mine in any decision made.
Visiting gravesides of my loved ones, I am reminded of what's important in life.
Peace Lord! Peace!
Keep my eyes on Heaven and my perspective on the Eternal.

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