Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Crazy Life

Been SO busy but just not on this blog.
I've missed you!

Here's a few random things on my mind which is very characteristic of my life at the moment:

Tomorrow I finish my part-time job with Univ. of Central Arkansas. They have a full-time position open for the Fall and I wanted to see if I liked working for them! I do, but don't think I want the job.
(Which is actually a good thing, because I don't think they want me either! :)

Speaking of jobs,...

I do believe I'm soon to have a normal life with a normal schedule.
God has worked things out in a way of complete surprise. (I love it when He does that!)
In the nick of time too I tell ya, because I was "this close" to making a royal mess of things though my impatience with my circumstances.
More to come when things are a bit more final.

My devo this morning (Acts) reminded me that Jesus never complained when HE was the object of ridicule and torture. However, God takes things very personal when WE are treated with contempt for His name's sake.
When was the last time I suffered for His name's sake?
Hmmmm,..I can't even recall!
Know what that tells me?
I don't think I'm living right.

Last Saturday night, I found one of my children in one of the most dangerous spots any of the three have ever been in. Abby was staying with a friend on base and I was to pick her up at the back gate of the Air Force Base.
At 10:45 PM, do you know where my 16 year old daughter was when she called me?
In the commuter parking lot about .2 miles from the back gate.
In the dark.
On Hwy 107.
I'm mad all over again just telling you about it.

Casey graduates from University of Arkansas next week.
I wish I had the address of that suspicious social/case worker in Delaware who did not want to hand her over to Ralph and I in the middle of the busy Philadelphia airport terminal that day in August 1988.

Did you see that moon last night? I'm tellin ya God really put on a show with those dark clouds blowing across the bright moon. Even though Casey was 200 miles away, I called her to go outside and look so she could enjoy it with me.
It's crazy I know, but I wished I could do the same thing with Jae. Send her a message so we could enjoy the moment together.
Remember Feivel the mouse as he sang that song "Somewhere out there"?
This was me last night....

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